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Autumn Blaze Maple

Autumn Blaze Maple

The Autumn Blaze Maple is one of the most popular new tree introductions in history.

Brilliant fall color without the mess and maintenance! You plant it and forget it.

Municipalities love these trees because they are very disease-resistant, even for maples. They’re not bothered by car exhaust and they don’t drop seed pods.

Autumn Blaze Maples are strong trees that resist ice damage and high winds. They adapt to a large range of soil conditions and climates.

The Autumn Blaze Maple™ is a hybrid of two famous trees, the red and silver maples, and it soon surpassed them in looks and popularity. It captured the two trees’ quality characteristics, such as brilliant red color, dense branching, and rapid growth rate.

This is a clearly superior tree that you won’t see in the big box stores for another 10 years. They only carry trees once the general public is familiar with them. Meanwhile, they offer cultivars that may be disease and insect prone.

We give the Autumn Blaze our highest recommendation. Landscape Professionals have put this tree in short supply, so we do recommend that you order while supplies are available.

Winner of the:

• 2004 Urban Tree of the Year
• 2003 Urban Tree of the Year
• 1997 Tree of the Year by the Iowa Nursery and Landscape Association