Penland Tree Farm

Laurel Oak


Laurel oak is a tree of pleasing symmetry. It is fast growing, tall, and full. Laurel oak grows scattered with other hardwoods in well-drained hammocks near the edges of streams and rivers. In Florida, it can also be found in flatwoods and moderately well drained soils. It occurs throughout the coastal plain from southeastern Virginia to central Florida and west to southern Texas.

Laurel oak is abundant in Florida’s urban and rural areas and is a common ornamental in other parts of the south. It also becomes a common component in pine forests when fire is excluded from those systems.

Twigs, leaves, and acorns

Landscaping is the main economic value of laurel oak. It has been used locally for fuelwood, as well as pulpwood for making paper. Some large trees are sawn into large timbers for industrial uses.

Laurel oak produces large crops of acorns regularly. It is an important wildlife food resource for whitetail deer, raccoons, squirrels, turkeys, ducks, quail, birds, and rodents.