Penland Tree Farm


Our names are Steve and Judy Penland. Our first Christmas tree planting was in the spring of 1966 and our first year of sales was 1972. As our family grew, our four children – Shannon, Brannon, Allison, and Stephanie – helped us perform the mowing, weed control, and shaping while growing up on the farm. Along with their spouses, they still play a vital role during our Christmas tree sales time. In 1990 ,a “ball and burlap” nursery tree program was added. Evergreen screening trees were the main focus until 2000, when hardwoods were added.

Awards / Accomplishments

Past President of the SC Christmas Tree Association (SCTA)
SCTA “Grower of the Year” in 1996, 2001, and 2003
Served on the Board of Directors of National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA) from 1997-2007
Served as Vice President of NCTA from 1999-2001
Presently serve on the Board of Directors of SCCTA
Winner of 2007 SC State Fair Christmas Tree Contest

Affilations / Memberships