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Hardwoods or broadleaves are classed as angiosperms or plants with ovules enclosed for protection in an ovary. When fertilized, these ovules develop into seeds.

Broadleaves can be evergreen but most lose their leaves annually. These leaves can be either simple (single blades) or they can be compound with leaflets attached to a leaf stem. Although variable in shape all hardwood leaves have a distinct network of fine veins.

Several Common Terms for this Major Tree Category

* HARDWOOD – Trees with broad, flat leaves as opposed to coniferous or needled trees. Wood hardness varies among the hardwood species, and some are actually softer than some softwoods.
* DECIDUOUS – perennial plants which are normally leafless for some time during the year.
* BROADLEAF – A tree with leaves that are broad, flat and thin and generally shed annually.

Hardwood Trees Available at the Penland Tree Farm

Sawtooth Oak

  The Sawtooth Oak tree is a wide spreading shade or lawn tree. This deciduous tree is a great source for wildlife food because it begins to produce acorns in its sixth year in the nursery. It is a highly prized oak for wildlife enthusiasts because of the short time it takes for the tree […]

Laurel Oak

Laurel oak is a tree of pleasing symmetry. It is fast growing, tall, and full. Laurel oak grows scattered with other hardwoods in well-drained hammocks near the edges of streams and rivers. In Florida, it can also be found in flatwoods and moderately well drained soils. It occurs throughout the coastal plain from southeastern Virginia […]

Willow Oak

Willow oak grows mainly in bottomlands of the Coastal Plain from New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania south to Georgia and northern Florida; west to eastern Texas; and north in the Mississippi Valley to southeastern Oklahoma, Arkansas, southeastern Missouri, southern Illinois, southern Kentucky and western Tennessee. Willow oak is a medium to large-sized tree that grows […]

Sweet Gum

The Sweetgum tree, Liquidambar styraciflua, is a rapid growing shade tree usually grown for its excellent fall color. It has an upright pyramidal growth habit in its youth and then becomes spreading, irregular and open as it ages. The star shaped lustrous dark green foliage turns a spectacular fall color, often a combination of green, […]

October Glory Maple

An improved cultivar over all other Red Maple Trees… superior red color of the October Glory Maple™ is intense. An ideal landscaping tree… a fast growing tree that requires minimal attention! Commonly used to line drives or boulevards. October Glory Maple Trees quickly mature into a pleasing oval shape, reaching up to 40 ft. Its […]

Autumn Blaze Maple

The Autumn Blaze Maple is one of the most popular new tree introductions in history. Brilliant fall color without the mess and maintenance! You plant it and forget it. Municipalities love these trees because they are very disease-resistant, even for maples. They’re not bothered by car exhaust and they don’t drop seed pods. Autumn Blaze […]


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